Dr. Girish Ganjyal details busy week in India

This week has been a busy one for Dr. Girish Ganjyal, as he traveled to India to speak on behalf of Washington State University and the food science department. Over the course of a week, Dr. Ganjyal took part in two different seminars in India with his focus being on pulse proteins.

“These connections, interactions, seminars will not only help increase the markets for the USA pulses but also elevate the name of WSU internationally,”

Dr. Girsh Ganjyal

On October 15, Dr. Ganjyal met with students and faculty at the National Institute of Food Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Management. (NIFTEM) While at this seminar, he delivered a guest lecture that focused on Pulse Protein novelties.

NIFTEM is a premier food processing institute in India, and the Institute caters to Indian stakeholders like entrepreneurs, the food processing industry, exporters, policymakers, government, and existing institutions.

The session conducted allowed the faculty and students in attendance to have long conversations with him on the plant-based food sector and its recent global advancements.

Just two days later, he participated in a panel and delivered another seminar on pulse proteins at the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) in Delhi. Those in attendance included experts in the food industry field, pulse trading groups, and government agencies.

FICCI has provided reports, in-depth research papers, surveys, and analysis for economies around the world. Every year, the company hosts nearly 300 conferences, where experts can share discoveries and research.

Dr. Girish Ganjyal at the FICCI seminar.
Dr. Ganjyal at the FICCI seminar.

Dr. Ganjyal will continue to travel around the world to spread the important research being done by Washington State as well as improve the reach that the food science department has.