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The School of Food Science (SFS) encourages students to work side by side with faculty who care about your success and academic experience.  A food science degree prepares students for successful careers with a food industry, research, or manufacturing company in the public, corporate, or government sector. Food science graduates are leaders in food production and processing, quality assurance and control, technical representation in the sale and marketing of foods, food product development, food science research, regulation, and enforcement of food laws. The need for trained food scientists has grown steadily in pace with consumer demands for convenient, safe, nutritious food, and beverages.

Our goal within SFS is to equip the student with the skills necessary to make a successful career a reality.  Students completing our program are highly sought after by employers.

Bachelor of Science in Food Science

Food Science is the scientific discipline supporting the food and beverage industry. Food Science is a multidisciplinary field that applies biology, chemistry, microbiology, physics, engineering, nutrition, and other sciences to improve the safety and quality of food products; develop new food products; and design new, safer, and more energy efficient food preservation methods.

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WSU BS in Food Science degree is an IFT HERB-Approved Undergraduate Program (The Institute of Food Technologists’ (IFT)) mission and vision, the IFT Higher Education Review Board (HERB) rigorously assesses undergraduate food science programs that meet its high IFT Undergraduate Education Standards for Degrees in Food Science. In addition, HERB also provides content and assessment guidelines and resources to facilitate quality and promote continuous improvement for the preparation of food science professionals.

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