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Welcome Back, Cougars!

We are excited to have classes start back up this fall, even if they are all online. We are disappointed we will not see you again in the Food Science and Human Nutrition (FSHN) Building, but we will see you virtually. The halls will continue to be quiet without you, but we are here to help you have a successful fall semester that you can have. Please tell us how we can help! We are with you and will do anything we can to help. We miss you!


Understandably, there are concerns regarding safety dealing with COVID-19.  The most current information on how the university is setting safety protocols for the 2020 fall semester is posted on the COVID-19 website. We know college is difficult to navigate during normal times, but especially challenging during the pandemic.  Please feel free to email or contact us if you have questions or concerns.

Student Spotlight

My interest in my food science derives from what I consider “my” healthy eating habits. Not only from a nutritional point of view, I have a lot interest of how food is made from its original source all the way to our grocery stores.

Oluseyi Shonuyi, SFS Undergraduate, Senior, WSU Creamery Employee

Alumni Spotlight

In my position, I lean heavily on the learnings from Food Chemistry, Sensory Evaluation, and Stats. Once you combine your Food Chemistry knowledge with how to set up experiments to test your hypotheses (Stats & Sensory) you become an unstoppable scientific & product development force.

CJ Hoye, Lead Principal Development Scientist, Lamb Weston

Faculty Spotlight

Interim director, Dr. Ganjyal, holding a can of Cougar Gold CheeseDirecting efforts into healthy, innovative, and valuable products and practices, experienced scientist Dr. Girish Ganjyal leads the WSU School of Food Science as interim director.

Dr. Girish Ganjyal, Interim Director, School of Food Science

What is Food Science?

Students using the extruder.If you see it on the grocery shelf, a food scientist was involved. Call it a food technologist or a “food nerd”, but it doesn’t get much better than getting paid to eat your own science experiment.

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Discover a Wide Range of Careers

The ever-expanding field of food science encompasses a wide range of careers in food-related work, the nation’s largest occupational sector. Food scientists are vintners, cheese makers, food safety experts, and product developers. These are just a few of the career options available with a degree from the School of Food Science.

Students graduating from the School of Food Science are in high demand in every aspect of the food and wine industry. Graduates have their pick of jobs in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.