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Prospective Students

What Is Food Science?

Food Science is a multidisciplinary field where chemistry, biology, engineering, microbiology and psychology intersect in order to provide safe, delicious, and nutritious foods. It is easy to see why it is such a draw since there is something for everyone. Our students have many career options available to them upon graduation in these fields:

Product Development

Sensory Science

Food Manufacturing

Food Chemistry

Quality Assurance

Food Safety & Microbiology

Food Engineering

Regulatory Compliance

What Salaries do Food Scientists Earn?

Infographic about careers & salaries

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More facts about Food Science!

Alumni talk about their career choice

“I am glad that I majored in food science because I have been able to help ensure that my company produces safe items that everyone will feel confident to eat.” – Megan Leifson, Lucks Food Decorating Company, Tacoma, Washington

“I have often realized that I made a great career choice! The collaboration of technical, marketing, and sales people provide a very intriguing work environment.” – Patrick Lathrop, Group Leader Research & Development, Bunge Foods; Seattle, WA

“Choosing a career in food science was easy for me; I love my job and enjoy seeing the results of my efforts in the retail market.” – Craig H. Doan, Food Technologist, Heinz Frozen Food Company, Ore-Ida; Ontario, OR