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+When filling out the WSU General Scholarship, students are considered for the following Food Science Scholarships.  No separate application is needed.  Graduate student scholarships (*):

  • Charles and Louanna Eggert Scholarship in Food Science
  • Louis J. and Frances Manus Endowment Fund
  • *H. Delight and Orlo H. Maughan Scholarships
  • Marion Flood and J. Houston McCroskey Scholarships
  • Tim’s Cascade Potato Chips Exc Fund
  • WA Assn’n for Food Protection/L.O Luedecke Endowed Scholarship
  • *James P. and Lee Ella Ruck Graduate Fellowship
  • *Donald and Carolyn Lee Graduate Scholarship Donation
  • National Frozen Foods (Zerocrats)

We are updating this page.  Please excuse any mistakes or duplication. Thank you.