Graduation hat that says "scholarship" on dollar bills.


When filling out the WSU General Scholarship, students are considered for the following Food Science Scholarships. No separate application is needed. 

Graduate student scholarships (*):

  • Charles and Louanna Eggert Scholarship in Food Science
  • Louis J. and Frances Manus Endowment Fund
  • *H. Delight and Orlo H. Maughan Scholarships
  • Marion Flood and J. Houston McCroskey Scholarships
  • Tim’s Cascade Potato Chips Exc Fund
  • WA Assn’n for Food Protection/L.O Luedecke Endowed Scholarship
  • *James P. and Lee Ella Ruck Graduate Fellowship
  • *Donald and Carolyn Lee Graduate Scholarship Donation
  • National Frozen Foods (Zerocrats)