Welcome to the Dairy Microbiology Laboratory Website

Our applied food microbiology research program is focused on food safety and dairy microbiology. We have one biosafety level 2 (BSL-2) Dairy Microbiology Laboratory and one food-grade Food Processing Laboratory. The research conducted in our laboratories focuses on making food safe and healthy, and hence involves working with foodborne pathogens as well as probiotics. Our research group works on fermented dairy products, improving probiotic longevity, utilizing whey, microbiological safety of dairy products (especially dairy powders), and removing biofilms from dairy processing surfaces. We conduct both in-lab and in-plant validations of food processing and antimicrobial interventions to control foodborne pathogens in dairy, produce, beef, poultry, bakery, and pet foods. Our research group has significant experience in conducting thermal inactivation kinetic (D- and z-values) studies of various foodborne pathogens in different food matrices. Our research group is also developing rapid identification techniques for pathogens in food and food processing environments using hyperspectral imaging. We are additionally working on studying the application of nanobubble technology to improve food safety and quality.