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The Bachelor of Science in Food Science

BA of Science in Food Science

Food Science is the scientific discipline supporting the food and beverage industry. Food Science is a multidisciplinary field that applies biology, chemistry, microbiology, physics, engineering, nutrition, and other sciences to improve the safety and quality of food products; develop new food products; and design new, safer, and more energy efficient food preservation methods.

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In the first two years, students will complete most of the UCOREs and initiate studies of the sciences basic to food science. Following admission to WSU, a student may be admitted to Food Science Options in the College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences upon making their intention known to the School of Food Science. This will typically happen during orientation events. Junior and senior years will emphasize food processing, food microbiology, and food chemistry–all related to cereal, dairy, fruit, vegetable, meat, product development, and processing.  Also, be aware that during the junior and senior years there will be some traveling to the University of Idaho campus to take some Food Science classes through the ‘WSU-UI Cooperative Non-degree’ Program.

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