Cooperative (Co-op) Program

Cooperative Agreement

For over 50 years, the Washington State University (WSU) and University of Idaho (U of I) have cooperated on sharing academic resources and have enriched educational opportunities through the sharing of faculty, facilities, and ideas.

Cooperative programs are offered at both institutions during the fall and spring semesters; summer courses are not cooperatively offered.

At the beginning and the end of each semester, UI and WSU will automatically exchange transcripts for cooperative students to allow the home institution to record credit. WSU cooperative courses taken by UI students will be posted as transfer credit but count as resident credit toward degree requirements.

Students traveling between WSU and UI can share the ride. Visit the WSU Transportation site to find Transportation options. See the Academic Coordinator for student names. If you have questions on how to purchase a permit at UI, please contact Parking & Transportation Services at 208-885-6426 or UI made changes on how anyone with a WSU permit can park on UI campus.  See their instructions.  If you want more information, please visit the WSU Transportation website, call 509-335-7275 (PARK), or email.

Washington State University Students

Admission and Registration at UI

WSU degree-seeking students wishing to register for approved UI cooperative program will take the following steps:

  1. Consult your academic advisor to determine the proper class(es).
  2. Review the UI Cooperative Class Schedule for offerings.
  3. Complete the UI Application for Cooperative Admission (pdf); submit application per form.
  4. U of I will admit WSU students as cooperative non-degree status and notify students of their admission and login credentials.
  5. Register for UI cooperative class(es) on VandalWeb; see registration calendar for availability.
  6. Please review the WSU Schedule of Program – Co-op Courses.

Note: WSU cooperative students may only register for approved cooperative courses. Class prerequisites will be systematically enforced; students should contact the offering department for assistance if they encounter registration errors (make sure to identify yourself as a cooperative student). Co-op students are not allowed to audit classes.

Deadlines and procedures for registration changes for a U of I cooperative course will follow U of I regulations.

WSU cooperative students will be assigned a VandalMail email account for their U of I registration. All official communication from the U of I instructors is sent to this email address so be sure to check it frequently.

What About Fees and Financial Aid?

WSU students will continue to pay all registration fees and tuition to WSU, however they will be responsible for paying any special course fees (e.g. lab fees, technology fees, etc) directly to U of I for cooperative courses they are enrolled in. U of I will share enrollment information of the WSU cooperative students in order for their registered credits to count toward full-time enrollment status at WSU. WSU students will continue to receive their financial aid through WSU.