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Adjunct & Affiliate Faculty

Scott BAKER- Adjunct Faculty
Jeff BOHLSCHEID – Adjunct Faculty, Science & Technology Manager, J.R. Simplot Food Group Tech Center

Research Interest: Wine Yeast Nutrition

Gleyn BLEDSOE – Adjunct Associate Professor

Research Interest: Project management and implementation of programs related to the Food Processing/Food Safety, Fisheries and Aquaculture sectors.

Tom COLLINS – Clinical Assistant Professor
P. Michael DAVIDSON – Adjunct Professor

Research Interest: Microbiological Food Safety and Food Antimicrobials

Deborah DIHEL – Industry Affiliate, Director R & D, ConAgra Foods

Research Interest: Food Industry, Food Processing, Food Technology.

Min DU – Affiliate Professor

Research Interest: Nutrigenomics and Growth Biology, early skeletal muscle and adipose tissue development, and epigenetic regulation of stem cell differentiation into myocytes and adipocytes.

Sean FINNIE – Adjunct Faculty

Research Interest: Fundamental carbohydrate, protein and lipid chemistry, nutrition and quality improvement of wheat and other grains, and ingredient interactions (material science) in bakery, snacks, pasta and cereal products.

Robert J. HAGGERTY – Adjunct Faculty, CALS Director of International Programs, UI
Dong-Hyun KANG – Director and Professor, Dept. Food & Animal Biotechnology, Seoul National University 
Alecia KISZONAS – Adjunct Faculty

Research Interest: Wheat Heath, Genetics, and Quality Research.
Kerry HUBER – Adjunct Professor, Food Science Faculty, Brigham Young University Idaho

Research Interest: Food Chemistry, Starch Chemistry, and Cereal Science.
Jungmin LEE – Adjunct Faculty, Research Food Technologist, USDA

Research Interest: Phenolics, small fruit, phytochemistry, viticulture, enology, primary and secondary metabolites, and fruit quality. 
Armando MCDONALDAdjunct Professor; Forest, Rangeland, and Fire Sciences; UI

Research Interest: Carbohydrate chemistry and biochemistry, Biopolymer and Biomaterials science, natural products chemistry.

Steven L. MCGEEHAN – Ajunct Assistant Professor; Director, Analytical Sciences Lab, UI
Sea Cheol MIN – Adjunct Associate Professor,  Seoul Women’s University, Seoul, South Korea

Research Interest: Food Process Engineering and Packaging, and improving food safety using nonthermal processes and biopolymer technologies.

Craig MORRIS – Adjunct Professor; Director and Supervisory Research Chemist, Western Wheat Quality Lab, WSUResearch Interest: Wheat grain quality genetics, novel wheat types, wild and ancient wheats.
Shyam SABLANI – Affiliate Associate Professor

Research Interest: Food Engineering (Packaging and Processing)
Steve SAUNDERS – Adjunct Assistant Professor

Research Interest: Tunable and switchable solvent technology; nanoparticle synthesis, processing, and applicaitons; fundamental thermodynamic and computational modeling; nanomaterial catalysis and reaction kinetics.
Kevin VIXIE – Affiliate Associate Professor

Research Interest: Analysis/Geometric Analysis and Data Science/Analysis.


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