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Outreach & Extension

WSU Creamery

The WSU Creamery provides teaching and research opportunities to the university community and to the dairy industry, exceptional work experience to student employees and financial support to students and university operations.

University of Idaho Food Technology Center

The University of Idaho Food Technology Center provides a multi-use facility where individuals and food companies can receive comprehensive business, technical and educational assistance to develop or improve their food business.

Sensory Evaluation Facility

As part of a land-grant and research institution of distinction, the Sensory Evaluation Facility at WSU contributes to the wider body of knowledge of sensory science through research, teaching and service.

Idaho TechHelp

Idaho TechHelp supports Idaho Food Manufacturers. This program includes on-site technical assistance to food processors, public workshops and on-site educational programs.

You can earn a “Certificate of Proficiency” in Food Science

The School of Food Science offers a series of five online courses, lasting approximately 9 weeks, which are designed to be flexible enough to accommodate the schedules of busy food science professionals >> more here.


The Western Wheat Quality Lab, located here in Pullman, Washington, conducts cooperative investigations, basic research, and development of new and better methods >> more here.

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