Dr. Carolyn Ross

Dr. Carolyn Ross, Ph.D.

Professor and Director of the WSU Sensory Science Center, School of Food Science.

Since starting at WSU in 2004, Dr. Ross has established her lab and the WSU Sensory Science Center as a center for graduate student training in the areas of sensory science and analytical chemistry. Specifically, the overall objectives of Dr. Ross’ research and graduate education program are to understand the theoretical basis underpinning the sensory perception of foods and wines and correlate these attributes with quantifiable characteristics. Dr. Ross has also expanded her research to explore food texture perception in children. She has published over 130 research articles and presented at national and international conferences.  Dr. Ross has three-times been awarded the Institute of Food Technologists Tanner Award for most‐cited article in the Journal of Food Science (sensory and food quality section).  Dr. Ross was also recently awarded the WSU Faculty Excellence Award for Instruction and is currently a Fulbright-Australia Scholar at Deakin University in Melbourne (2023).
Dr. Lee Booth

Dr. Soo-Yeun Lee, Ph.D.

Professor and Director of School of Food Science.

As a Sensory Scientist, Dr. Soo-Yeun Lee’s research program has aimed to encourage lifelong healthful eating habits by developing health-targeted food product alternatives and understanding consumer behavior in the context of food selection. Dr. Lee has investigated food systems intended for enhancing consumer health such as low sodium and low sugar foods without compromising taste.  While her main mantra is ‘Taste is King,’ the main focus of her research has been on health.  As a researcher and educator, she has published more than 100 papers.  Her previous research projects have included: 1) developing novel functional food products with bioactives, 2) characterizing innate and process-derived off-flavors in functional foods and developing methods to reduce these off-flavors, 3) identifying successful sodium reduction strategies in various food matrices, 4) determining the effect of sugar reduction in food systems, 5) defining the elements of picky eating in children, and 6) relating the contextual effect of consumer testing in real situations versus virtual reality situations using immersive technology.
Beata Vixie

Beata Vixie, MS

Operational Manager, WSU Sensory Science Center.

Beata received her MS degree in Food Science from Washington State University.  She has been Operational Manager of the WSU Sensory Science Center since 2012. Her job includes conducting consumer studies, providing help with training panelists, managing sensory facilities, and designing sensory ballots. 
She is the happiest connecting, engaging, and working with students on their projects. 
Researchers standing in a line in white lab coats
The WSU Sensory Science Center also runs on the efforts and expertise of Food Science Graduate Students and Sensory Evaluation Assistants.