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Dr. Carolyn Ross
Dr. Carolyn Ross is a Professor in the School of Food Science and Director of the Sensory Evaluation Facility.

PHONE: (509) 335-2438
E-MAIL: Email Dr. Ross
FAX: (509) 335-4815
WEBSITE: Visit Dr. Ross’ Website

Beata Vixie
Beata Vixie (MS in Food Science) is the Supervisor of the WSU Sensory Evaluation Facility and a Scientific Assistant in the School of Food Science.

PHONE: (509) 335-2438
E-MAIL: Email Beata
FAX: (509) 335-4815

Researchers standing in a line in white lab coats
The WSU Sensory Evaluation Facility also runs on the efforts and expertise of Food Science Graduate Students and Sensory Evaluation Assistants.