Welcome to the WSU Sensory Science Center!

Researcher Rachel handing a wine sample through the booth with red lighting

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School of Food Science
Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99164-6376
Email Carolyn Ross: cfross@wsu.edu

The WSU Sensory Science Center is located on the Washington State University campus in Pullman, Washington. We provide expertise in sensory and consumer science to meet the needs of businesses working with foods, beverages, pet food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. We have worked with numerous large and small companies to answer their sensory and food quality questions.

At the WSU Sensory Science Center, research within the field of food and sensory science is conducted, as well as related research in other fields such as Horticulture, Animal Science, Economics, and Marketing.  The WSU Sensory Science Center is used for the education of graduate and undergraduate students, both formally in class and through club activities such as the Product Development Team and Food Science Club.

The WSU Sensory Science Center is proud to have two recognized food scientists on the team, Dr. Carolyn Ross and Dr. Soo Lee! Click the links above to follow us on social media to stay updated with panels and other exciting updates from the WSU Sensory Science Center.