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Getting the Human Senses Involved

Getting the Human Senses Involved!A researcher offers fruit samples on plates at a sensory evaluation testing facility. "From Field to Table" text and Food Science logo are overlaid on the image.

Welcome to the WSU School of Food Science Sensory Evaluation Center!

What do we do?

As part of a land-grant and research institution of distinction, the WSU Sensory Evaluation Facility at WSU contributes to the wider body of knowledge of sensory science through research, teaching and service.  At the WSU sensory facility, research within the field of sensory science is conducted, as well as research supporting other projects in the fields of food science and other related fields such as Horticulture, Animal Science, Economics and Marketing.  The sensory facilities are used for the education of students, formally in-class, as well as through club activities such as the Product Development Team and Food Science Club.

Our facilities at WSU extend their sensory evaluation expertise to meet the needs of the food-related and consumer products industries.  We have worked with numerous large and small companies to address their sensory or food quality questions.


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