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FS 350: Instrumental and Sensory Analysis of Food (Spring semester)

This course provides an introduction to the theory, principles and applications of sensory evaluation techniques and instrumental techniques for the evaluation of the chemical and physical properties of foods.  Students will learn the basic psychological and physiological processes underlying sensory analysis, sensory testing methodologies and the perception of appearance, aroma, taste and texture of foods.  Students will also learn about basic food analysis methods and the relationship between instrumental and sensory methods of analysis.
Dr. Ross and Student preparing samples

FS 460: Food Chemistry Lecture (Fall semester)

This course teaches the individual and integrated chemical behaviors of food components. Students will recall and draw selected common components of foods, recognize structural formula of a range of food constituents, explain how processing and storage can encourage or inhibit reactions or interactions of food components, and describe the relationship between chemical structure and function/reactivity of components.