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Faculty Expertise & Research Focus

Washington State University – School of Food Science

  • Faith Critzer: Preharvest and postharvest produce safety with a focus on bacterial foodborne pathogens.
  • Charles Edwards: Microbiology and chemistry of fermentation including desirable/undesirable yeasts and bacteria; fruit/vegetable post-harvest and processing.
  • Girish Ganjyal: Food processing; extrusion, frying, food ingredient technology, physico-chemical changes in food ingredients during processing, food structures, food product development and value-addition of food processing by-products.
  • James Harbertson: Phenolic compounds found in grapes and wines, biochemical and chemical changes during grape ripening, winemaking, and aging.
  • Thomas Henick-Kling: Wine research and extension: physiology of lactic acid bacteria, wine yeast ecology, molecular characterization of wine yeast and bacteria, modification of wine flavor by yeast and bacteria, winemaking.
  • Minto Michael: Dairy microbiology and safety, which includes dairy starter and probiotic cultures, safety of dairy foods (dairy powders, cheeses and ice cream), and biofilms on dairy processing surfaces.
  • Carolyn Ross: Sensory evaluation with analytical chemistry techniques to identify and describe changes in flavor, odor, and texture profiles of food and wine.
  • Stephanie Smith: Increasing food safety awareness and best practices by advancing food safety education for consumers and consumer markets. Special interest in improving food safety for low-income and underrepresented populations.
  • Meijun Zhu: Food microbiology and safety; bioactive food components, gut microbiota and gut epithelial barrier function; obesity, gut epithelial development and gut health.

Support Units

WSU Creamery – John Haugen, Creamery Manager

WSU Pilot Plant – Frank Younce, Manager –

University of Idaho – Department of Animal, Veterinary and Food Sciences

  • Carolyn Hovde Bohach: Bacterial pathogenesis, food safety, E. coli O157:H7, cattle vaccine development, Yersinia pestis, enhancing biomedical research competitiveness.
  • Catherine Cantley: Improve the products, processes, and cultures of Idaho food manufacturers. Cooperates with commissions and consortium’s that interact with food manufacturers, assisting in reaching industry wide opportunities.
  • Scott Minnich: Bacterial pathogenesis of Yersinia enterocolitica and Y. pestis, etiologic agents of yersiniosis and bubonic plague.
  • Greg Möller: Environmental toxicology and chemistry, biogeochemistry of As, Se, and P, water quality, food safety.
  • Dojin Ryu: Chemical food safety with emphasis on naturally occurring toxicants including mycotoxins and their chemical/toxicological fate during food processing; integrated approach for food safety.
  • Gülhan Ünlü: Food microbiology, biotechnology, microbial food safety/food biopreservation, genomics of food borne bacteria, conversion of food and agricultural waste to value-added products.