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Jeff Bohlscheid

Jeff Bohlscheid

Senior Food Scientist and Founder


Phone: 986 200-3172
Office: Boise Food Consulting, LLC

Jeffri Bohlscheid, Adjunct Faculty and Founder of Boise Food Consulting


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Jeffri works with a diverse range of food processing companies, ingredient manufacturers and suppliers, and equipment manufacturing firms to produce solutions for feeding the world and converting agricultural products into valuable products. Jeffri applies his background in processing, R&D, culinary, and academia to aid companies in meeting emerging market needs. His key attributes are his experience, extensive research and resource network, creative problem-solving skills, and developing cross functional teams.


  • Plant-based protein products, ingredients and processing
  • Project management
  • Process optimization
  • Product development
  • Ingredient sourcing
  • Novel technology evaluation
  • Global regulatory standards
  • Leadership development and mentoring of early to mid-career professionals
  • Network building


Jeffri’s experience includes R&D and manufacturing projects with the J.R. Simplot Co., New Zealand Plant and Food Research, NIZO, and a number of Land Grant Universities. He also has extensive experience in the beverage industry working on projects at Ste. Michelle Estates and several breweries. Jeffri has practical experience in standard processing technologies such as filtration, extrusion, fermentation, chromatography, extraction and spray drying. Additional training includes advanced technologies such as microwave and radio frequency processing, plasma, and ultraviolet processing. His early career involved food service in white linen restaurants, institutional settings and healthcare. Jeffri also has extensive experience in teaching food chemistry, microbiology, and processing to a wide range of individuals.


Ph.D. Food Science, minor Horticulture, Washington State University – Pullman, WA

B.A. Chemistry, Biochemistry option, California State University – Hayward, CA

B.A. Psychology, minor Philosophy, University of California – San Diego, CA

A.A. Professional Chef program – California Culinary Academy – San Francisco, CA

Six Sigma Champion, Juran Institute



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