Awards and Recognitions

Amninder S. Sekhon

Appril 5, 2021

Congratulations to our Ph.D. student, Amninder Singh Sekhon, for winning second place at the WSU’s 2021 Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) Research Exposition. This work on hyperspectral imaging of foodborne pathogens was conducted by my two excellent students, Phoebe Unger and Amninder Singh Sekhon. We look forward to expanding on this research in the coming years.

Amninder S. Sekhon

March 2, 2021

Congratulations to Amninder for being featured on the School of Food Science website.


Dr. Minto Michael

January 25, 2021

Dr. Michael answered the question on “why some cheeses stink” for WSU’s Ask Dr. Universe.

Phoebe Unger

November 5, 2020

Congratulations to Phoebe for being featured on the School of Food Science website as a student spotlight.

Dr. Minto Michael

October 27, 2020

Congratulations to Dr. Michael for winning the RA and $10K Competition Award at Washington State University for conducting proof-of-concept research on the application of nanobubble technology in the field of food safety.