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Pre-2009 Products

We are proud to share the accomplishments of the School of Food Science Food Product Development Teams! Teams have earned much national recognition since its founding in 1998, with over a dozen award-winning products:


Cheese-O-Lotta, chocolate-covered cheese balls, earn Runner-up award in the first Idaho Milk Processor’s Association (IMPA) Dairy Product Development Competition by a team of WSU students. Tea for Life, International, all-natural tea ice creamsRunner-up award in the inaugural IMPA competition by a team of University of Idaho (UI) students, coached by advisor, WSU professor, Stephanie Clark. Parfait Bites, a taste sensation of raspberry fruit-filling, topped with sweet strawberry yogurt and hearty whole grain granola, were entered into the IFTSA PDC. The Food Product Development Advisory Board is founded. Advisory Board members include food industry representatives from a variety of food companies located throughout the Pacific coast states.


Naturaleza’s Delights, all-natural, single-serve, low-fat probiotic ice cream sundaes, earn 5th place in the prestigious IFTSAPDC. A poster, oral presentation, and final product were presented to official industry judges and IFT Annual Meeting attendees in Chicago, IL. The team: Jennifer Brown (team leader), Joe Stout, Yu Wang, Pei-Chun Chen and Maria Rosales Soto.Spoon-its, a product that combines citrus guava yogurt with a cranberry-granola, spoon-shaped cookie takes 2nd place in the Danisco Knowledge Award Competition (a contest designed to feature Danisco ingredients). The UI team was coached by UI professor, Kerry Huber.Bon ApeTART, gluten-free single-serve decadent chocolate orange tarts place 5th in the Danisco Knowledge Award Competition.Congratulations to the team members: Esra Cakir (team captain), Gopal Tiwari, Amanda Culley, Balunkeswar Nayak, Erin Tulkki, Aditi Kannan and Kimberly Court.


The WSU-UI Food Product Development Team won the 2006 Danisco Knowledge Award with SymBoba! SymBoba is the first ready-to-drink probiotic bubble tea. Team members included: Brian Huber (Team leader), Kameron Pecka, Kristin Pecka, Collin Seeley, and Jennifer Cholewinski.

Almond Dingers, single-serve microwaveable gluten-free almond cakes, won the GRAND PRIZE in the California Almond Board Almond Innovations Competition in 2006! Congratulations to team members: Shantanu Agarwal (team leader), Josie Landon, Melissa Sanborn, Esteban Mejia-Meza, and Pei-Shan Kuo.


Congratulations to the 2005 Food Product Development Team, which participated in the IFT Student Association Product Development Competition finals (1 of 6 teams in the nation) with a before-and-after fitness beverage called Load N Reload.
P’naut (Versatile Southeast Asian Peanut Paste) won second place in the NASA Food Technology Commercial Space Center Product Development Competition. Great work Shantanu Agarwal, Elly Soeryapranata, Dewi Setiady and Subba Rao Gurram!
Asian Spice Almond Bars were selected a finalsts in the California Almond Board in 2005, as well.


The Food Product Development Team, which was awarded the WSU College of Agricultural, Human and Natural Resource Sciences Team Excellence Award for 2004! This is the first time a student team won this award.Kudos to Elly Soeyapranata, Dewi Setiady and Jennifer Smith, who created “Yosha”. Yosha was awarded Danisco USA’s first Knowledge Award: First place!

Congratulations to the 2003-2004 WSU Food Product Development Team: Tinyee Hoang, Seung yong Lim, Len Zeoli, Genisis Dancer, Andy Chen, Nese Basaran, Phuong Truong and Advisor, Stephanie Clark. Their product, “Barner’s Ready-Baked Crackers” was awarded “Most Marketable Product” Award in Dairy Management, Inc. Discoveries in Dairy Ingredients Competition!


Our 2002-2003 WSU Food Product Development Team created Cheezzlers (fruit-flavored colorful string cheese filled with chocolate). Cheezzlers was awarded THIRD PLACE in the Institute of Food Technologists Student Association Product Development Competition!


YoVe’ (all-natural Carrot, Harvest Squash and Sweet Potato flavored yogurt) was one of the 6 finalists in the IFTSA Product Development Competition held at the IFT Annual Meeting in Anaheim, CA. YoVe’ also tied with North Carolina State for “Most Marketable Product” in the DMI Discoveries in Dairy Ingredients contest.


Jungle Moo-Au flavored WHEY COOL!ers (a whey-based beverage flavored with fruit juices for kids) won the “Most Marketable Product” award in the first Discoveries in Dairy Ingredients contest sponsored by Dairy Management, Inc.