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Dairy Product Evaluation Team

Cheese samples plated.The team spends months tasting dairy products to prepare for a national competition

The objective is to train their senses to distinguish between desirable and undesirable characteristics in dairy products. At the competition, their perceptions are compared to those of expert judges and monetary awards (and sometimes job offers) are given to winners.


Our student team from the School of Food Science competed in the
national Dairy Product Evaluation Contest and took third place in ice cream. Team member Samantha Young won first place in ice cream in the individual division and also received the Joe Larson Merit Award for Leadership Potential. Congratulations to our team!


The WSU/UI Dairy Products Evaluation Team took FIRST PLACE in the Ice Cream Competition at the 91st Collegiate Dairy Products Evaluation Contest in Springfield, Missouri. Pictured on the right are team members, Shiloh Mangan,  Lisa Piontek, and Lynette Andersen, with advisor Mike Costello and David Carpenter, President and CEO of CHR Hansen.
Lisa Piontek also took SECOND PLACE in the individuals for ice cream.The number of schools participating in this year’s contest nearly doubled over last year. Congratulations on your hard work and preparation!


The 2009 Dairy Products Evaluation Contest was held at the Kraft Technical Center in Northbrook, Illinois, just north of Chicago on Saturday, October 31st.   Sixteen colleges from the United States and Canada participated in the competition.  A total of six dairy products were presented, butter, strawberry flavored Swiss style yogurt, vanilla ice cream, 2% milk, cottage cheese, and Cheddar cheese. The students test their skills against those of very experienced professional judges. Students are scored on how closely their evaluations match those of the professionals.The Food Science Team from Washington State University and the University of Idaho included Patrice Lyon, Karin Thorsen and Amir Golmohamadi.  Patrice placed first in butter and second in Cheddar cheese and fourth in the All Products category for the entire contest.  Michael Costello served as the Team Advisor.Congratulations Patrice and the Dairy Products Evaluation Team. Go Cougs!


The first School of Food Science Dairy Products Evaluation Team placed 3rd in the 87th Collegiate Dairy Products Evaluation Contest in Newark, Ohio on October 22, 2008. The team was composed of undergraduate students from WSU (Justin Samuels and Mark Peden) and the University of Idaho (Kellie Grant) as well as a graduate student from WSU (Medy Villamor).Team awards: 3rd place Cheddar cheese, 3rd place Milk, 2nd place Cottage cheese, 3rd place overall.Individual awards: Kellie Grant placed 2rd in Cottage cheese and 3rd place overall.


Congratulations to the WSU and University of Idaho teams that competed in the 85th Collegiate Dairy Products Evaluation Competition in Chicago, ILWSU Team members included: Pei-Chun Chen (WSU Grad), Jennifer Brown (WSU Grad), Esra Cakir (WSU Grad), Kim King (WSU UG) and Katy Borgen (WSU UG). UI team members included: Lani Mendez (UI UG) aned Kristin Pecka (UI Grad).Katy Borgen was awarded with the Joe Larson Merit Award for leadership potential.Jennifer Brown placed first in Milk judging for graduate student judges.


The WSU team that competed in the 84th Collegiate Dairy Products Evaluation Competition in Chicago, IL, October 29, 2005 included: Jennifer Olmsted (UG), Christina Martin (UG), Pei-Shan Kuo (UG), Michelle Linkem (UG), Andrea Chauvin (G) and Carol Padiernos (G).Jennifer Olmlsted was awarded with the Joe Larson Merit Award for leadership potential.Michelle Linkem won third place in yogurt judging.Andrea Chauvin placed second overall for graduate student judges.