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Dairy Products Evaluation Team Heads to Competition

Posted by cahnrs.webteam | September 11, 2015
Dairy Evaluation Team
The team ready to leave for competition. L to R: advisors Helen Joyner and Mike Costello, students Zachary Cartwright, Jose Orenday-Ortiz, Lauren Celmer, Arianne Kreger, Hannah Damiano and Kristen Sparkman.

Pullman, WA; Friday Sept. 11– Our Dairy Products Evaluation Team is heading out to this year’s competitions will be held these next several days: September 12th and 15th, 2015 in Chicago, IL. There they will participate in two competitions, the Midwest Regional and National Dairy Products Evaluation competitions.

Students on this year’s team are Zachary Cartwright, Lauren Celmer, Hannah Damiano, Arianne Kreger, Jose Orenday-Ortiz, and Kristen Sparkman. Team advisors are Helen Joyner and Mike Costello.

This year’s competition is being held two months earlier than past years, so students have been preparing for the contest through the summer. They will evaluate Cottage cheese, Cheddar cheese, vanilla ice cream, 2% milk, salted sweet cream butter and Swiss style strawberry yogurt for different sensory qualities alongside teams from other universities across the nation.