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Dairy Foods Management Option Now Available at UI

Posted by cahnrs.webteam | August 12, 2015

cheeses on a plate Fall 2015 begins a new degree option for University of Idaho Food Science students: Dairy Foods Management. This option through the School of Food Science is one of the few dairy manufacturing programs in the nation and the only one in the Pacific Northwest.

Students can take dairy specific coursework within their Food Science undergraduate program to specialize their education in dairy, positioning themselves to be highly marketable for careers in the dairy industry. Undergraduates have started their careers with dairy manufacturers in positions that have a starting pay of $50,000.

UI students enrolled in Food Science can work toward a bachelor of science degree in Food Science or Food Science: Dairy Foods Management. Degree plans and course lists >> more here.

As one of the largest industries in the state of Idaho, dairy products manufacturing has a huge impact on Idaho’s economy. School of Food Science graduates with training in dairy products manufacturing and product development are needed to support the dairy industry to promote its overall growth and innovation.Students learning about the machinery

The Dairy Foods Management option in the Food Science degree will prepare students for a successful career in the dairy manufacturing industry by giving them an in-depth understanding of dairy products and related manufacturing processes. Students will learn how fluid milk is processed and converted into dairy products (cheese, yogurt, ice cream), dairy-based ingredients and novel dairy-based foods and beverages. They will also learn how to ensure the safety and quality of manufactured dairy products.

What you will learn
Development of new dairy products and the technologies requires detailed knowledge of dairy product chemistry, microbiology and processing. In the Dairy Foods Management option you will learn about dairy product chemistry, dairy foods regulations, quality assurance, dairy plant operations, product development, dairy food safety and sanitation, and sustainable processing technologies.

The curriculum includes supporting science courses, major courses in the chemistry, microbiology and technology of dairy manufacturing, and broadening courses in business management, operations and marketing.


Graduates will find careers in quality assurance, regulatory affairs, operations management, research and development, and food safety within a dairy manufacturing facility.

Some dairy manufacturing companies who hire our graduates and are located in the NW include Darigold, Jerome Cheese, Glanbia, Idaho Milk Products, Ballard Family Dairy, Safeway,  High Desert Milk, Gossner Foods, Brewster West,  Sorrento Lactalis, and Chobani.

Students processing cheeseFacilities:

Students will obtain hands-on experience working in the WSU Creamery during laboratory exercises.  Laboratory sessions in the WSU Creamery include cleaning and sanitation, cheese making, ice cream production, and quality testing.

The Sensory Laboratory will be used to evaluate the flavor, aroma and texture of various dairy products.

Students may be hired for part-time work in the WSU Creamery producing Cougar Cheese and ice creams.

Students are required to complete two internships with a dairy manufacturing company to gain valuable hands-on experience in a processing or research environment.

Student Clubs:

There are a variety of student clubs with which students can extend their education while they are on campus. Food Science Club, IFT Student Association, Dairy Products Evaluation Team, Product Development Team, Dairy Club.