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Annual Trip Connects Students with Industry

Posted by cahnrs.webteam | January 11, 2015
students listen to tour
Listening to Full Sail Brewery Representative
student group eating out
Students out enjoying a meal out together
students at the beaverton foods tour
Beaverton Foods Tour

About 20 students from the School of Food Science traveled from the Palouse to Portland, making valuable connections with industry on the way. The future food scientists visited 9 different food and beverage research or processing facilities in January.

“This is a great opportunity to learn about potential job opportunities in the food industry available for students in the food science program after graduation,” said Katie Smoot, a WSU senior who went on the trip. “It is great for the underclassmen to get exposed to the possibilities within the food industry early on, and is generally also just a fun bonding trip to promote community within the joint food science program of WSU/UI. Typically, at each facility we will tour the processing facilities, and quality assurance and product development labs, and have the opportunity to ask questions to food scientists or upper managment working at each company.”

Students toured Full Sail Brewing and Tofurkey in Hood River and then travelled further west to visit Beaverton Foods, Harry’s Fresh Foods, the Food Innovation Center, Yo Cream, Ventura Foods, Stumptown Coffee Roasters and Widmer Brothers’ Brewery. The students made the trip on January 8-11, just prior to spring semester courses starting.

The Vice Presidents of each Food Science Club (WSU/UI) work together to plan the trip. This year, the tours were organized by Pablo Corredor (WSU) and Alex Meldrum (UI).