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New Faculty Member Lin Receives “Best Paper” Award

Posted by cahnrs.webteam | July 29, 2014


Headshot of Amy Lin
Dr. Amy Lin

Dr. Amy Lin’s recently published paper entitled “Mammalian mucosal a-glucosidases coordinate with alpha-amylase in the initial starch hydrolysis stage to have a role in starch digestion beyond glucogenesis” was adjudged as the best paper published in a peer review journal in 2013 by the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology and is the winner of Jack Kefford Award for 2014.

The paper was published on PlosOne. The majority of the lab work was done in early 2012 while Dr. Lin was hosting a visiting student—Sushil Dhital from University of Queensland in Australia. Together, they completed the major experiments in three months during his visit, and he received the award at the recent Annual convention of the Institute in Melbourne.