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Spring 2014 Graduates

Posted by cahnrs.webteam | May 19, 2014


Food Science Class of 2014







(Not pictured: Gena McKahan, Chongjun Li and Samantha Watkins)

Andrea Dittmer
Alyssa Eldredge
Tracy Hare
Corbin Hohl
Jacob Jenott
Matt King
Chongjun Li
Shiloh Mangan
Joseph Przybylski
Samantha Watkins
Amanda Wilder

Hannah Damiano
Brianna Dunn
Carsten Floor
Jaehoon Kim
Stephanie McCauley
Gena McKahan
Lisa Piontek
Jian Shi
Drew Thomas

Graduate Students

Meghan Benscheidt (non-thesis Masters in Food Science)

Friday, January 10

“Use of Nisin as a Biopreservative Against Cronobacter sakazakii.”

Chair: Gulhan Unlu


Eun Young Park (PhD in Food Science)

Tuesday, February 11

“Functional and nutritional properties of whole wheat flour as affected by organic/no-till cropping systems and physical/enzymatic treatments”

Co-Chairs: Byung Kee Baik and Pat Fuerst


Bradford Childs (Masters in Food Science)

Thursday, March 13

“Optimization of yeast nutrient additions based on must sugar concentration and impact on microbial wine spoilage.”

Co-Chairs: Charlie Edwards and Jeff Bohlscheid


Guan Yang (Masters in Food Science)

Thursday, April 24

“Grape seed extract supplementation improves colonic cell differentiation via inhibiting Wnt/beta-catenin pathway in IL-10-deficient mice.”

Chair: Meijun Zhu


Chen Liu (Masters in Food Science)

Monday, May 12th

Quality changes in ikura (Oncorhynchus keta) affected by salt, thermal pasteurization, and storage time.

Co-Chairs: Barbara Rasco and Gulhan Unlu