School of Food Science


Faculty Expertise & Research Focus List

  • Carolyn Hovde Bohach: Bacterial pathogenesis, food safety, E. coli O157:H7, cattle vaccine development, Yersinia pestis, enhancing biomedical research competitiveness.
  • Charles Edwards: Microbiology and chemistry of fermentation including desirable/undesirable yeasts and bacteria; fruit/vegetable post-harvest and processing.
  • Girish Ganjyal: Food processing; extrusion, frying, food ingredient technology, physico-chemical changes in food ingredients during processing, food structures, food product development and value-addition of food processing by-products.
  • James Harbertson: Phenolic compounds found in grapes and wines, biochemical and chemical changes during grape ripening, winemaking, and aging.
  • Thomas Henick-Kling: Wine research and extension: physiology of lactic acid bacteria, wine yeast ecology, molecular characterization of wine yeast and bacteria, modification of wine flavor by yeast and bacteria, winemaking.
  • Helen Joyner: Food rheology and tribology to evaluate mechanical and frictional properties of foods. Emphasis on developing links between rheological, tribological, and sensory behaviors of foods.
  • Jeff Kronenberg: Technical assistance to food processors, including regulatory compliance, food safety, health and safety, product development, lean manufacturing and productivity improvement, pest control, HACCP implementation, quality control. Not accepting graduate students.
  • Amy Lin: Starch structure-function relationship, starch digestion and physiological response, carbohydrate chemistry, chemistry of resistant and slowly digestible carbohydrates.
  • Scott Minnich: Bacterial pathogenesis of Yersinia enterocolitica and Y. pestis, etiologic agents of yersiniosis and bubonic plague.
  • Greg Möller: Environmental toxicology and chemistry, biogeochemistry of As, Se, and P, water quality, food safety.
  • Andrzej Paszczynski: Biochemistry of iron transport, reactive oxygen species; new functions of peroxidases and catalases; chromatography and mass spectrometry analysis, proteomics; supercritical fluids applications.
  • Barbara Rasco: Food law, food analyses, seafood quality; development of analytical methods to predict the safety and quality of food products.
  • Carolyn Ross: Sensory evaluation with analytical chemistry techniques to identify and describe changes in flavor, odor, and texture profiles of food and wine.
  • Dojin Ryu: Chemical food safety with emphasis on naturally occurring toxicants including mycotoxins and their chemical/toxicological fate during food processing; integrated approach for food safety.
  • Brennan Smith: Protein chemistry, cereal science and technology, product development, protein chemistry, and food science education.
  • Denise Smith: Food chemistry, chemistry and functionality of meat and dairy proteins, meat and poultry quality and safety.
  • Gülhan Ünlü: Food microbiology, biotechnology, microbial food safety/food biopreservation, genomics of food borne bacteria, conversion of food and agricultural waste to value-added products.
  • Meijun Zhu: Food microbiology and safety; bioactive food components, gut microbiota and gut epithelial barrier function; obesity, gut epithelial development and gut health.

updated December 2015

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