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Tell Me More About Food Science

Food Science is the study of…

  • the nature of foods
  • what causes deterioration
  • how to process and preserve foods efficiently and effectively

What is Food Science?

Food science majors develop an understanding of the properties and characteristics of foods through courses in biochemistry, chemistry, microbiology, physics, and more. Food technology courses build on this foundation and apply it to the study of processing, preservation, sanitation, storage, and marketing of foods.

Food science is the real-life application of chemistry, microbiology, and other basic and applied sciences to the production, processing, preservation, evaluation, and distribution of food. The many facets of skills learned as part of this Bachelor of Science degree help the food scientist convert harvested materials into high quality food products that are safe and nutritious. Food scientists are concerned with high standards of quality and safety, new methods of manufacture and preservation, new products, and new packaging materials/methods.