School of Food Science

Faculty Expertise & Research Focus

Barbara Rasco, Professor, Interim Director of the School of Food Science and Program Director of the Online Master’s in Agriculture: Food Science and Management Food law, food analyses, seafood quality; development of analytical methods to predict the safety and quality of food products.

Carolyn Hovde Bohach, Professor and Director of NIH INBRE Bacterial pathogenesis, food safety, E. coli O157:H7, cattle vaccine development, Yersinia pestis, enhancing biomedical research competitiveness.

Charles Edwards, Professor  Microbiology and chemistry of fermentation including desirable/undesirable yeasts and bacteria; fruit/vegetable post-harvest and processing.

Girish Ganjyal, Assistant Professor—  Food processing; extrusion, frying, food ingredient technology, physico-chemical changes in food ingredients during processing, food structures, food product development and value-addition of food processing by-products.

James Harbertson, Associate Professor and Extension Enologist  Phenolic compounds found in grapes and wines, biochemical and chemical changes during grape ripening, winemaking, and aging.

Thomas Henick-Kling, Professor and Director of the WSU Viticulture and Enology Program  Wine research and extension: physiology of lactic acid bacteria, wine yeast ecology, molecular characterization of wine yeast and bacteria, modification of wine flavor by yeast and bacteria, winemaking.

Helen Joyner, Assistant Professor–  Food rheology and tribology to evaluate mechanical and frictional properties of foods.  Emphasis on developing links between rheological, tribological, and sensory behaviors of foods.

Jeff Kronenberg, Food Processing Extension  Technical assistance to food processors, including regulatory compliance, food safety, health and safety, product development, lean manufacturing and productivity improvement, pest control, HACCP implementation, quality control.

Scott Minnich, Associate Professor Bacterial pathogenesis of Yersinia enterocolitica and Y. pestis, etiologic agents of yersiniosis and bubonic plague.

Greg Möller, Professor  Environmental toxicology and chemistry, biogeochemistry of As, Se, and P, water quality, food safety.

Giuliana Noratto, Assistant Professor— Bioactive compounds in dairy products/by-products and botanicals with prebiotic effects for prevention of chronic/inflammatory diseases. Emphasis in obesity-related diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease and interactions of food bioactive compounds with human microbiota/host immune response.

Andrzej Paszczynski,  Professor Biochemistry of iron transport, reactive oxygen species; new functions of peroxidases and catalases; chromatography and mass spectrometry analysis, proteomics; supercritical fluids applications.

Carolyn Ross, Associate Wine and food sensory chemistry; sensory analysis with analytical chemistry techniques to identify and describe changes in flavor and odor profiles. 

Dojin Ryu, Associate  Chemical food safety with emphasis on naturally occurring toxicants including mycotoxins and their chemical/toxicological fate during food processing; integrated approach for food safety.

Denise Smith, Professor  Food chemistry, chemistry and functionality of meat and dairy proteins, meat and poultry quality and safety.

Gülhan Ünlü, Associate Professor  Food microbiology, biotechnology, microbial food safety/food biopreservation, genomics of food borne bacteria, conversion of food and agricultural waste to value-added products.

Meijun Zhu, Assistant  Food microbiology and safety; bioactive food components, gut microbiota and gut epithelial barrier function; obesity, gut epithelial development and gut health.

Support Units

Food Technology Center, Caldwell, Idaho – Joshua Bevan,

WSU Creamery – Russ Salvadalena, Creamery Manager –

WSU Pilot Plant – Frank Younce, Manager –


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