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Summer 2014 Graduates


Trent Millin and Girish Ganjyal
Trent Millin and Faculty Advisor Girish Ganjyal

Trent Millin (Masters in Food Science, WSU)

Thursday, July 10th

Title:  “Physicochemical and structural changes in potato French fries during processing.”

Chair: Girish Ganjyal





Nageshwar Tammineni and Gulhan Unlu
Nageshwar Tammineni and Faculty Advisor Gulhan Unlu

Nageshwar Tammineni (PhD in Food Science, UI)

Monday, July 14th

Title: “Development of Fish Gelatin Films with Enhanced Physical, Antioxidants and Antimicrobial Properties.”

Chair: Gulhan Unlu.





Rasco and carpenter
Fangliang Carpenter and Faculty Advisor Barb Rasco

Fangliang Carpenter (MS in Agriculture-Food Science Management, WSU Online)

Thursday, July 17th

Special Project Title: “Jerky and Meat Snacks Process and Quality Control: A Review”

Chair: Barbara Rasco