School of Food Science

2014-2015 Student Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to our students who have received scholarships to help pay for their education during the 2014-2015 school year. Here’s a list of some of the scholarships our students have received:

  • AACCI Endowment Fund, Graduate Fellowship-Ryan Kowalski
  • American Society for Enology and Viticulture Scholarship-Allison Baker, Zachary Cartwright, Kenneth McMahon, and Caroline Merrell
  • CAHNRS Scholarship-Katie Waldo, Hannah Rollinger, Victoria Minette, Jessica Murray, Lauren Celmer, and Meredith Kuchera
  • Charles W. and Beatrice M. Nagel Scholarship-Zachary Cartwright and Charles Diako
  • H. Delight and Orlo H. Maughan Scholarship-Daniel Dycus, Emily Fleischman, and Zachary Cartwright
  • Idaho Milk Processors Association Scholarship-Lindsay Milligan and Katie Smoot
  • IFT Feeding Tomorrow Scholarship-Katie Smoot, Meredith Kuchera, Charles Diako, and Kristen Sparkman
  • IFT Quality Assurance Division Travel Scholarship-Zachary Cartwright
  • Intermountain IFT Scholarship-Savannah Prigge, Michelle Ough, Cailin Bary, Alex Meldrum, Anne Millard, Coryn Curry, Ralph Gault, and Tawni Beebe
  • James P. and Lee Ella Ruck Scholarship-Charles Diako
  • J. Houston and Marion Flood McCroskey Scholarship-Bryce Vanderyacht and Lauren Copley
  • Louis J. and Frances Manus Scholarship-Adrianne Kreger and Henry Campbell
  • Miles Willard Scholarship-Lindsay Milligan, Coryn Curry, and Stephanie Constantinescu
  • Northwest Food Processors Association Scholarship-Katie Smoot
  • Puget Sound IFT Scholarship (Outstanding Student Award)-Allison Baker & Zachary Cartwright
  • Puget Sound IFT Scholarship (Scholastic)-Hannah Damiano and Trent Millin
  • Rolland Jones Family Scholarship-Mitchel Royer, Jane Snelling, Sidney Silbert, and Claire Miley
  • School of Food Science Scholarship-Anne Millard, Courtney Fetters, and Tawni Beebe
  • School of Food Science External Advisory Board Scholarship-Cara Boucher and Courtney Fetters
  • Tim’s Cascade Potato Chip Excellence Scholarship-Tyler Price and Clara Bedlington
  • Washington Association for Food Protection Scholarship-Kristen Sparkman, Samantha Young, Ashley Brennan
  • WSU Creamery Scholarships-Celine Guess, Kristen Sparkman, Lauren Celmer, Victoria Minette, Katherine Smoot, Katie Waldo, and Jacob Blaylock

We want to send a huge THANK YOU to those individuals and groups who provide scholarship dollars to our students. Your generosity makes a big difference in their college education.

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