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UI Grad Chosen as SFS Outstanding Senior

Kari Jones Outstanding Senior low res

Kari Jones, UI School of Food Science Outstanding Senior presented by Denise Smith

Kari Jones has been selected as the University of Idaho School of Food Science Outstanding Senior.

Jones came to the UI with a strong foundation in culinary arts. She received a degree in Basic and Advanced Culinary Arts, Saucier, Pastry, Confections and Showpieces at the Arizona Culinary Institute. After she earned that degree she attended Northern Arizona University where she received a B.S. in Hotel and Restaurant Management. She will complete her B.S. in Food Science this month at the University of Idaho, graduating Summa Cum Laude.

Kari has been accepted and plans to attend graduate school at Washington State University to earn a masters in food science degree.

Prepping the veggie filling

Jones is prepping the vegetables for the filling in her sweet potato pasta puffs

While at the UI, Kari spent time as a research assistant working on the development of a legume pasta product. She has also been a part of a product development team that has submitted a sweet potato stuffed pasta puff to a national competition.

She is a member of the Food Science Club, the Institute of Food Technologists and the Research Chefs Association. Jones also has attended various national conferences and expos including the Northwest Food Processors Association Expo in 2012 and the PMCA Confectionary Conference in 2012.

Jones has 8 years of culinary experience in low to mid-level management at various resorts and high end facilities in Arizona.

“I chose to go back to school for this major because I was never fully satisfied in the culinary industry.  I realized that my strengths in the field were creating recipes, standardizing them so that everyone else could make them the same way, budgeting and costing, writing specifications, SOP’s, and training material, ordering, organizing, crunching numbers and problem solving. All the detailed skilled things that everyone else hated, I loved and was really good at, however, it was a very small portion of the job,” explains Jones. “Then I found out about food science, and realized it was a way to a job that played to all of my strengths, and I could probably make a lot more doing it.  Since getting into the major, I really enjoy getting new depth and meaning to the products I’ve been working with all my life.  I like learning the chemical structures for different food components and understanding how they behave with each other, and how that correlates to cooking.”

As for her career goals after getting her masters degree, she wants to work in product development or applications. “I’d like to work on complex value-added products with high artisan/culinary appeal.”

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